Sexual Health

Jesus MCR is part of the CUSU Sexual Health Supply Scheme. This means the members of the MCR can access a range of sexual health supplies for free. You can obtain these supplies by visiting CUSU during office hours (at the New Museums Site) or by contacting one of the MCR Welfare Officers. Requests are filled confidentially and quickly (with 36 hours’ notice).

The following items are available for free:

  • Condoms (standard, non-latex, trim, and large)
  • Lubricant sachets
  • Dental dams (standard and non-latex)
  • Pregnancy tests

While unable to offer specific advice or suggestions, the welfare officers are able to provide judgement free, unbiased information about preventative contraception, emergency contraception, pregnancy support, and crisis support.

STD Testing

Clinic 1A is the local GUM (Genito-Urinary Medicine) clinic at Addenbrooke’s hospital. Everything at Clinic 1A is totally confidential and filed by number, not name. Results (or even the fact that you have gone there) will not be passed onto your GP or anyone else without your consent.

Family Planning

You can talk to your GP (doctor) about contraception and family planning.

Rape, Sexual Assault, and Crises

If you are the victim of rape, sexual assault, or other crisis, it is important you seek help right away. The NHS has important information for help after rape and sexual assault.

The Cambridgeshire Police force have specially trained police officers to deal with crimes of sexual violence. When someone contacts the police to report a sexual assault, the duty police officer will call out a specially trained officer who will then carry out the investigation. At the police station, the person reporting the attack will be interviewed (and a statement will be produced) and a medical examination performed.

The woman or man involved has the right to have a friend with them while giving a statement. The police may ask personal questions, but no one should feel that they have to answer these if they are unable to do so. A detailed examination is performed to obtain evidence, and if a woman reports the crime a female police officer will be present. The medical examination does not include pregnancy testing or testing for any sexually transmitted disease. These tests can be carried out at any Sexual Health Clinic.

Sexual Assault Referral Centre

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