Families and Partners

Jesus College is a place for more than just postgraduate students. A fair number of students are here on a visiting basis or have brought families or partners with them.

If you have arrived with your family, you are welcome to inform the Welfare Officers who can assist you to get in touch with crèches, schools, baby-sitters and childminders.

The Senior Postgraduate Administrator is the College’s childcare contact. They keep a contact list of student families with children so please let them know if you wish to be added. Some events for Fellows and their families are organised by the College throughout the year, and postgraduate families are invited to many of them.

MCR members can register partners to allow them to use the gym and attend Formal Halls as guests. To register a partner, please complete this online form.


The Childcare Office at the University operates a central fund for bursaries for assistance with unforeseen childcare costs for pre-school children and after-school care. They also have lots of useful information on childcare for children of University staff and students. A good source for finding children’s activities throughout the city is the Student Parent e-mail list run by the University’s Childcare Office (e-mail childcare@admin.cam.ac.uk to join).


The Newcomers’ Group is run by volunteers, who organise Coffee Mornings during term time at the University Centre (Grad Pad), for the families of those attached to the University. Children are welcome and toys are provided. They have a friendly neighbourhood scheme to welcome new families to Cambridge and introduce them to others at the Coffee Mornings. There is also a new ‘moving sales’ section on their webpage, where you can advertise items for sale and look for items you need to buy.

Of course, all members of your family are very welcome to attend MCR events. Some events are particularly child friendly. There will also be other events throughout the year, so look to the MCR bulletin for information on upcoming events.

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