There is a wide range of help and support services available to all students at the University. The links below provide further information related to a variety of welfare issues, including details of people and services you can contact. If you have any comments on these resources, or feel that we have missed something, please contact the Welfare Officers. (See below if you want to do this anonymously.)

The members of the MCR Welfare team (welfare officers, international officer and LGBT liaison) can be contacted by email, pigeonhole, or in person. You can find out who they are on the Committee page.

There is useful information on the College’s welfare pages. You can also find welfare advice from the Graduate Union and the Cambridge University Students’ Union, as well as the Student Advice Service.

You can also find more specific information from the MCR about counselling and advice and sexual health, as well as information for those with families and/or partners in Cambridge.

Accidents and Emergencies

Sometimes things happen during the course of the year that we never expect so it helps to know who to contact when we get into these situations.

If you find there is a serious emergency (i.e. crime, medical or fire) you can call the emergency services by dialling 999. It is always a good idea to call the Porters Lodge as well to inform them of the emergency so the College is made aware.

For most incidents the people to call are the Porters. They can be reached either by calling 01223 339339 or dropping by the Porters’ Lodge. They will be able to help out with many situations or at least tell you who you should call if they can’t help.

To access mental health support, a good first port of call is the College’s welfare pages, which list the various channels through which you can get help. There is a Welfare Tutor on duty 24/7/365; the Porters are able to advise on who is currently on duty if you call in to the Lodge or telephone 01223 339339.

If you are having problems with the building you are living in (i.e. maintenance problems) you can report these online at JNet or to the housekeepers. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact any member of the MCR Committee, and we will do our best to help.

Anonymous contact

We realise that sometimes you might want support without the Welfare Officers knowing who you are. There’s a service called Hushmail which allows you to create an anonymous email address which forwards to your own email address

  • Go to hushmail.com/signup
  • Choose an email address and password
  • Using Hushmail, send an email to the relevant officer. (You can find all their email addresses on the Committee page – right-click on the position of the person you want to contact and you’ll be able to copy the email address.)
  • The Welfare Officer will email you back at your anonymous Hushmail address.


Cambridge may appear quiet and safe, but even so, security measures are important. There is no need to panic, but we want you to be alert to potential risks, especially at night. Avoid the public parks after dark. Also, if you see anything suspicious around College, please contact the Porters.

The main pedestrian entrance to the College (the large wooden doors at the end of the ‘Chimney’) is locked at midnight during term. Access to College can be found by the vehicle exit gate on Jesus Lane (next to the housekeeping office), the vehicle entry gate on Victoria Avenue, and via the gate at the end of Lower Park Street, all by swiping your University card in front of the reader. All gates are opened at 5.30am. Those of you who will live in Lower Park Street will be able to get a key to the back gates from the Porters, upon payment of a deposit of £10.

Keep the following suggestions in mind:

  • Avoid walking back alone, especially after heavy drinking. Try to leave in groups.
  • Be alert and walk confidently.
  • Stick to well-lit, busy areas.
  • Walk in the centre of the pavement away from bushes and shop doors.
  • Try to avoid subways (e.g. on Newmarket Road and Elizabeth Way).
  • Walk towards oncoming traffic. This way you will be fully aware if a car stops near you.
  • If you think you’re being followed, cross the road. If you are still worried, go to a busy area like a petrol station, pub or restaurant and ask for help.

Night Time Taxi Scheme for Students

If you need a taxi to return to College at night, you may telephone the Porters’ Lodge, giving your name and location and, as necessary, the telephone number for contact purposes. The College will pay the taxi company and debit your College account. The Porter may wish to verify your identity by asking for your College address.


There can be a lot of alcohol about in the first few weeks, much of which is provided by a wide variety of clubs and societies. The consumption of alcoholic beverages seems to represent a common social lubricant of Cambridge life. But don’t be intimidated or put off, as it is always optional; the choice of not drinking – whether for religious, personal, health or cultural reasons – is one that is universally respected, and becoming more common. Non-alcoholic drinks are available at all MCR events and it is perfectly accepted to turn up to an event with alcohol and just enjoy others’ company!

Doctors’ Surgery and College Nurse

Accident and Emergency (A&E) at Addenbrooke’s Hospital deals with emergencies such as loss of consciousness, severe chest pain, serious accidents including broken bones, serious blood loss, and other life-threatening circumstances.

College Nurse: Mrs Jacky Poskitt

You must register with the College Nurse so that she can help you during your studies at Cambridge. When you first arrive at College you are asked to complete a form, which is kept confidentially in the College Nurse’s office. In the UK you must register with a National Health Service General Practitioner (GP); there are lots nearby. You should let the College Nurse know which one you’ve registered with, for her records.

If you have any concerns about your own health or that of a colleague or housemate, please contact the College Nurse on one of the telephone numbers shown above or attend one of her surgeries. The College Nurse is located on the ground floor of Staircase 1, Library Court. Please inform the porters if you are unwell. The Porters’ Lodge is open 24/7 and all Porters are trained First Aiders.

If any of your personal health details should change, it is important that the College Nurse is kept informed. Any student (or partner of a Jesus student living in College) should notify the College Nurse if they or their partner become pregnant. In these circumstances, if a parent or another family member comes to help and stays in the College house, the Graduate Tutor needs to give permission and the Tutorial Office and Porters’ Lodge need to record their presence for security and safety reasons. 


There is no University Dental Service, but there are dental practices nearby.


Jesus College has an ethos of tolerance, friendliness and consideration for others. You should never have to put up with anyone else’s bullying or harassing behaviour. Should you feel that you are being harassed don’t hesitate to speak to a member of the Committee, in particular the Welfare officers, International officer, any member of the JCSU welfare committee, or any of the Welfare Tutors (contact the Porter’s Lodge to find out who is on duty). All can offer confidential advice. Your problems will be taken seriously and procedures are in place should you wish to make an official complaint. We can also direct you to further support or counselling services if needed. The College has an official policy on harassment.

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