There are lots of ways that MCR members can reduce their impact on the planet while studying and living in Cambridge. Working with the JCSU Green Officer, our Environmental and Ethical Affairs Officer has put together a guide to sustainability – download it today and find out how you can make some small changes which add up to big differences.

Responsible Investment at Jesus College

Starting in the 2020 academic year, the College has been working with Fellows, staff and students to consider how it should respond to the urgent challenge of climate change. One of the aims is to develop a new Responsible Investment policy, with the expectation that the new policy can be approved by the College Council. Development of this policy has been delayed due to Covid and is not yet complete.

Workshops were held in 2020 on the invitation of the Bursar to allow everyone to help develop the new Responsible Investment Policy. One major area of exploration as part of this was whether the College should divest from its indirect investments in fossil fuels. As well as the workshops, students also expressed their views via email. If this is an issue that you have an opinion on or feel strongly about, the Bursar would welcome hearing your views.

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