Middle Combination Room

Within the College grounds is the Middle Combination Room (above the Roost bar, one floor up the far set of stairs). It’s got lots of sofas, a widescreen TV (with Freeview), a DVD player, an Xbox Kinect, a sound system and, perhaps most importantly, a coffee machine! Feel free to use the MCR for meeting friends, watching TV, reading the paper with a cup of coffee, etc – it’s essentially our living room and you’ll come to think of it fondly after some happy times spent there. We want to emphasise that the MCR cannot be booked by anyone exclusively. It is a communal space everyone has access to 24/7 and everyone is invited to use at any time.

In the MCR we have a selection of newspapers, magazines, fiction books from the library, board games and a croquet set for your use.

If you plan to have a bigger event in the MCR, such as pre-dinner drinks before Formal Hall where you celebrate your birthday, make sure your event does not clash with an event on the MCR calendar, or with any other usage – just post your event on the MCR Facebook page and kindly ask if anyone has any objections, or email the committee if you do not have Facebook access. Please give some details as to the time of your event and what you intend to use the MCR for.

If you are having a large event, you may need to request a party permit, see JNet for details.

Rules for the MCR
To make the MCR an enjoyable space for everyone, there are a few housekeeping rules we’d appreciate you follow:

  • Always feel free to just drop in to socialise, do some work, watch TV, share a meal or just see who is around.
  • Please be respectful of others using the room. It is OK to talk or watch TV while others are working but consider the volume.
  • Please notify others in the MCR if you intend to use the MCR for an event.
  • Please do not use the MCR as your personal storage space. Take all personal belongings when you leave.
  • Please do not leave food for extended periods of time in the fridge. It’s OK to leave your lunch there, but please do not leave anything overnight. Please label your lunch with your name and date if you choose to leave it in the fridge.
  • Please help yourself to tea and coffee (with milk and sugar) or food in the fridge (unless labelled).
  • Please do not take any alcohol or food belonging to someone else. Ask a member of the committee if you aren’t sure if you can take something.
  • Please clear up after you have used the room. Return any items you borrowed and throw out or recycle any rubbish.
  • Please do any washing up of any plates, dishes, or glasses you may have used, and dry and put them back in the cupboards. Please return glasses to the bar after use.
  • Please take care of all the shared property in the MCR room. It’s there for all of us. Please notify the MCR Committee or the relevant college department if you break anything, or if anything appears to be broken or missing. This is just so we can get it fixed.
  • Please feel free to borrow board games and books from the MCR, but please do not take board games for more than a week, and please do not borrow any electronic devices from the MCR.
  • Please feel free to borrow the inflatables. Rinse after use – hose taps are available on Lower Park Street.
  • Please help yourself to the sexual health supplies.
  • Please help yourself to the art supplies.
  • Please do not use the MCR as a supervision space; College provides other spaces for this. The café and study centre are suitable alternatives.
  • Please familiarise yourself with the fire procedures.

Most importantly, DO think of the MCR as the grads’ living room and enjoy it!

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