Book a punt

The MCR has punt passes with Scudamore’s valid up until 3 May 2021, but not after., allowing MCR members to punt for free. The booking process is below. You will not be able to book punts from 4 May onwards, until Scudamore’s allow us to renew our membership (sometime in July).

There are passes for three punts each day. This means you can take out a punt for as many hours as you like for no cost. (Punt hire for one day is usually more than £100!) You will be obliged to give a credit card scan or other deposit when you collect your punt.

Scudamore’s sometimes have a maximum number of bookings per day per day and you may not be able to book a punt even though the MCR passes are not taken. (This is particularly the case during coronavirus restrictions.)

Please cancel if you can’t make it or don’t fancy the rain, irrespective of short notice, then someone else can use it! Also, please consider ‘fair usage’ when you book, and e.g. do not book every day of May Week, or multiple consecutive days during summer weekends. There are no specific rules but please take others into consideration when you make your bookings!

How to book

  • Visit the Scudamore’s Corporate Booking website
  • Use your Hermes email address (eg to request a password. (All MCR email addresses are loaded onto the Scudamore’s system; it won’t work with anything other than addresses. If your email address isn’t recognised, email the webmaster who will be able to add you.)
  • You will get emailed a single-use password which you can use to log in to book.
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