The MCR Committee

The MCR Committee is elected in the Easter term each year, and new officers take up their posts at the end of that term (just before the summer holidays). Elections for Freshers Rep and the Postgraduate Representative to College Council are held during the Michaelmas term.

The Committee members are your first port of call for various different aspects of postgraduate life; they are always happy to help if you contact them.

Meetings happen every fortnight during term and less frequently during the vacations; see the Meetings page for more information. Minutes of the Committee meetings are published on that page as soon as possible after the meeting.

The MCR itself is governed by a constitution.

Mark Turner


Tobias Freidling


Charlotte Milbank


Felix Mylius


Thieme Schmidt

College Council Rep

Sara Crozier

Freshers Rep

Alice Bennett

Social Officer

Sarah Sharp

Social Officer

Ainsley Trahan

Social Officer

Camilla Tacconis

Women’s and NB Welfare

Liam Nagle-Cocco

Men’s and NB Welfare

Oscar Cort├ęs Azuero

LGBT+ Welfare

Sarah Taylor

International Welfare

Sabine Hallamasek

Academic Officer

Hannah Comfort

Environmental and Ethical Affairs Officer

Edward Saunders

Sports and Societies Officer

Oliver Squire


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