Jesus College MCR

The MCR (Middle Combination Room) is the postgraduate community within Jesus College. The aim of the MCR Committee is to represent the opinions and needs of postgraduate students to the College Fellowship and the University, to maintain links with the Graduate Union and other MCRs, to facilitate the interaction of postgraduates with Fellows, and perhaps most importantly to offer a wide range of social and academic opportunities targeted specifically towards the postgraduate community. The Committee also offers a point of contact if you have social or welfare issues – if we cannot help you directly, we will refer you to the people who can!

Within the College grounds is the MCR Room (above the Roost bar, one floor up the far set of stairs). It’s got lots of sofas, a widescreen TV (with Freeview), a DVD player, an Xbox Kinect, a sound system and, perhaps most importantly, a coffee machine. Feel free to use the MCR Room for meeting friends, watching TV, reading the paper with a cup of coffee, etc – it’s essentially our living room and you’ll come to think of it fondly after some happy times spent there. We want to emphasise that the MCR Room cannot be booked by anyone exclusively. It is a communal space everyone has access to 24/7 and everyone is invited to use at any time.

In the MCR Room, we have a selection of newspapers, magazines, fiction books from the library, board games, and a croquet set for your use.

(If you plan to have a bigger event in the MCR Room, such as pre-dinner drinks before Formal Hall where you celebrate your birthday, make sure your event does not clash with an event on the MCR calendar, or with any other usage – just post your event on the MCR Facebook Page and kindly ask if anyone has any objections.)

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